Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fell off the wheel!

Future spa owners take note: don't take your bad mood to work. Your employees will get contaminated by it, they will think you are irritable, rude, and angry at them, and the spa's entire atmosphere will be permeated by it.

I should know: I made this mistake this past Saturday. I chose to react negatively to some of my staff showing up late, some of my other staff continuing to make the same mistakes as they have done in the past, and some of my other staff took my negative attitude personally. Oh, you could say I fell "off the wheel!" Where was my Eckhart Tolle training when I needed it?

I am still wrestling with my own ego and its position of ascendance. Some days I do feel completely open and peaceful, and other days, before I even know it, I am walking around under a nest of storm clouds. I guess it's just continuing to practice calling myself to awareness and understanding the emotions that are roiling around inside me AS they are roiling around, before they've caused suffering to others.

My spiritual teacher, Theresa Hatcher, often calls me "Little Buddha." I have to be worthy of the name, though! So I went back to the drawing board and flipped open Eckhart's book for a second read last night. I guess I would say I am still a "Buddha-in-Progress" at this point.

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