Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes, Yelp. I'm reviewing YOU.

This is the text of the review I put up on Yelp last night, ABOUT Yelp. Felt great to get it off my chest. But of course, Yelp has found a way to hide it already. Just par for the course.


"I never write one-star reviews. I figure, if I don't have anything good to say, I just won't say it. But as a conscientious business owner who cares about her clients and uses online reviews as a way to improve our services, I must openly deplore the lack of accountability on this web site. I mean, people can give you reviews for not even ever having set foot in your business, simply because they have a personal grudge or vendetta against you.

I know this, because Yelp has allowed a review from a certain Angela F. to be posted about my business. Little does Angela F. realize that by posting her picture, I recognized her as the woman who first came to my spa in tight leather pants held together by safety pins trying to sell me spa consulting services. I even did her the favor of referring her to someone else. Fast forward a couple years, she applies for a front desk position, and I do not respond to her (as I do not respond to about 99 of the 150 applications that I received for the same position). She, not to be outdone, comes onto Yelp to give us a 2-star review and how if people want to "overpay and leave dissapointed [sic]," they should come to our spa. All I've got to say is, "Lady, I am sorry for you because you are obviously at a dark place in your life. And secondly, please go take a spelling class. And thirdly, how have you ever overpaid when you haven't handed us a dime and the only times you ever came into my business were to try to sell ME something?" Can you spell: L I B E L?

And Yelp, of course, is unresponsive despite my flagging the review and explaining the situation, identifying the Yelper by first AND last name and phone number. Okay, fine. Don't respond to me. But then don't add insult to injury, having your ultra-unctuous marketing people calling and exhorting me to advertise on your low-classed, irresponsible web site. They are all so oily I want to go take a shower immediately after getting off the phone with them. So let me get this straight: you want to take my hard-earned money AND still allow libelous reviews to appear about my business that anyone who knows me knows that I put my HEART and SOUL into and lose many nights of sleep over?

Normally I am all about forgive and forget, personal growth, enlightenment, reaching Buddhahood, etc. etc. But your pettiness has to be pointed out...even calling your web site "Yelp!" is obviously encouraging users to complain and spread negativity into a world that has more than enough of it already. I wish I could give you negative stars, but alas, you even rigged that."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yay! More Good PR!

I just found this article about Pavia recently, and was extremely delighted to see it, having completely forgotten that it was going to be written. It was published in San Jose Magazine in the April edition, and the subject was "Spas Going Green," and I love the fact that the entire first section is devoted to PAVIA. No, I did not pay the reporter anything to have this placement, but yes, I did comp her a facial so that she could experience and have something substantial to report on. (Sorry to the grammar-phobes, I am aware I ended the previous sentence in a preposition. What the heck - can't be perfect.)

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ego and 10-Year Reunions.

I have a pimple on my forehead so big it hurts. It throbs, in fact, and is doing so right now. Lovely. At least I can be grateful that it didn't manifest during my 10-year business school reunion, which transpired just this past weekend.

My ego would probably have killed itself if that had happened. My ego wanted me to appear as the youngest-looking woman there, first because I AM either the second- or third-youngest woman in my graduating MBA class, and second because I am Asian and therefore must represent the gene pool well, and third because I actually own a day spa, and therefore have no excuse to be showing up pimply anywhere. I even went and got a facial before I left...that's how egoistic I was acting.

Well, it was a great reunion, but somehow unsatisfying. Did I get to look great? Yes, but as with everything the ego desires, it wasn't fulfilling. Did I get enough COMMENTS from other people that I looked great? Well, no. Nothing is ever enough for the ego, and mine has a rapacious appetite for compliments. "Oh, it's the beautiful Maryling. You're still stunning, I see." That was the best one of the night, care of Barnaby Grist. Upon its utterance, I was so moved that I asked him to marry me, forgetting momentarily that I was already married.

It was unsatisfying because...well, because I didn't get to really have many deep conversations. I wanted to pull aside so many of the 200+ people in the room and find out every detail about their last 10 years that, well, I ended up only having somewhat short and stilted conversations with about 30 people or so. Oh well. There's always the 15-year, right?

I am off to the bathroom now to squeeze out my pimple. That's a no-no for the rest of you, by the way. Or at least, if you're going to do it, use Kleenex, not your fingernails.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 18th Spa Party!

We haven't done a spa party in at least 4 years. I am so excited for this one, though, because we have so many cool things to offer this time. For $75 per guest, each guest receives:

* 3 mini-spa treatments (out of a choice of 6)
* A valuable gift bag
* Yummy food and drink
* Great company
* 10% off all retail purchases made that evening

So, I can't wait. We're calling the spa party, "MOM-ents," after MOM. Haha, get it? (I sure hope so). Each of the mini-spa treatments is called a "MOM-ent of ____," and we filled in the blank with "Peace, Rest, Bliss, Awareness, Truth," etc. etc. to describe the purpose of the treatment. (I thought it was clever, but maybe that's just because I thought of it.)

Here they all are:

* MOM-ent of Peace: A youth-ifying hand treatment that gives back vitality to your overworked hands. Includes our revolutionary Omega Peel treatment.

* MOM-ent of Balance: A super-relaxing Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation treatment that restores balance to your skin with a Vata, Pitta, or Kapha oil blend massage.

* MOM-ent of Bliss: A chair massage that includes a refreshing and uplifting Geranium and Ylang-ylang scalp rub.

* MOM-ent of Awareness: Want to try Bodytalk? Now's your chance to learn and experience this simple, yet extremely effective, form of energy medicine.

* MOM-ent of Allure: We show you how to create eye-catching peepers with our Colorescience mineral makeup and a simple three-step process.

* MOM-ent of Truth: Want some insight? Have a mini-Tarot-and-numerology reading that will shed light on your current life experiences.

Want to join us for an evening of fun and insight? Call us at 408-741-1555 to reserve a spot.