Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 18th Spa Party!

We haven't done a spa party in at least 4 years. I am so excited for this one, though, because we have so many cool things to offer this time. For $75 per guest, each guest receives:

* 3 mini-spa treatments (out of a choice of 6)
* A valuable gift bag
* Yummy food and drink
* Great company
* 10% off all retail purchases made that evening

So, I can't wait. We're calling the spa party, "MOM-ents," after MOM. Haha, get it? (I sure hope so). Each of the mini-spa treatments is called a "MOM-ent of ____," and we filled in the blank with "Peace, Rest, Bliss, Awareness, Truth," etc. etc. to describe the purpose of the treatment. (I thought it was clever, but maybe that's just because I thought of it.)

Here they all are:

* MOM-ent of Peace: A youth-ifying hand treatment that gives back vitality to your overworked hands. Includes our revolutionary Omega Peel treatment.

* MOM-ent of Balance: A super-relaxing Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation treatment that restores balance to your skin with a Vata, Pitta, or Kapha oil blend massage.

* MOM-ent of Bliss: A chair massage that includes a refreshing and uplifting Geranium and Ylang-ylang scalp rub.

* MOM-ent of Awareness: Want to try Bodytalk? Now's your chance to learn and experience this simple, yet extremely effective, form of energy medicine.

* MOM-ent of Allure: We show you how to create eye-catching peepers with our Colorescience mineral makeup and a simple three-step process.

* MOM-ent of Truth: Want some insight? Have a mini-Tarot-and-numerology reading that will shed light on your current life experiences.

Want to join us for an evening of fun and insight? Call us at 408-741-1555 to reserve a spot.

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