Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lash Me, Baby!

I am bringing Lash Extensions into Pavia. For a long time I wrestled with this decision, given our focus on "Sanity, Not Vanity." But my short lashes drive me IN-sane, and I know it's 100% ego-driven. But I have always longed to get my fringe on, and I know many Pavia clients agree with me.

So, I am making the one exception to vanity that I can. No, I cannot articulate even a single health benefit of having lash extensions, except maybe that a set of raven's wings lashes will help me....keep more dust out of my eyes? Ahem. I know. I'm reaching.

But let me tell you, getting one's fringe on is a high-maintenance thing. The initial set is $220, and takes the esthetician 2 hours as she painstakingly bonds each and every synthetic lash onto each and every real eyelash. Apparently, it doesn't make lashes any thicker, just longer. Obviously, if there is no lash to bond to, then it can't be simply glued to the skin. The first follow-up session is free, provided it is scheduled for within 2 weeks of the initial set, but then a follow-up every 2 to 4 weeks after THAT is required. We will charge $75-100 per follow-up, because it could take 45 minutes to an hour of her time.

And then, every 3 months, another set has to be put on...sigh. I know I will be first in line, but I don't know if I can sustain the upkeep that is required. On the bright side, there's always Revitalash....

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