Thursday, September 17, 2009


I really wrestled with myself as to whether or not to write this. On the one hand, I hate to complain, and feel terrible doing it. It just brings negative energy to me. On the other hand, I have learned some really expensive lessons that lessened my faith and trust in my fellow human beings, and I want to share them so that other innocent people are not victimized. So I will tell my story in the hope that I can prevent other people from being rampantly de-frauded and victimized by a company that has zero ethics or morals.

Here is the MORAL OF MY STORY: Read every contract diligently. MBF Leasing, also known as Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group, is OUT TO GET YOU. DON'T SIGN ANY LEASE, OF ANY KIND, WITH THEIR NAME ON IT. YOU WILL REGRET IT, I PROMISE YOU.

Here are some links posted by many, many other people who also have a tale of woe. In fact, all you have to do is type "MBF Leasing" into Google and you will see the 26,900 listings that almost all have the terms, "ripoff, complaints, scam, beware, pissed, or fraud" in them. I wish I had done this myself, BEFORE I signed that lease.
They were even on the news for their sins:

Okay, my blood is starting to boil again, mostly in anger and self-reprobation. I will go take a few deep breaths and see if I can calm myself down enough to write again.

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Brian said...

Good advice on your leasing issue. Leasing companies are very shady in my experience. They sneak all kinds of things into your contract (that is usually longer than the Declaration Of Independence). I got my first merchant account 15 years ago. I was leasing it for 45 per month with a one time payment of $100 or $300. I thought it was for as long as I owned least that is how I remember the conversation went. Thirteen years later I am still paying the monthly fee and my wife called the company on the credit card bill. They told her that it was a three year lease! But they never wrote me or told me that I had been overpaying every month. They said it was up to me to cancel it!!!!

I am very diligent about ever contract I get now.