Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Wow, Dad, can you believe that you're turning 40 - again? You've accomplished so much in only 40 years...including having a 35-year-old daughter, hee hee. Thank you for always supporting me, even when you didn't agree with my choices. I know the last several years have been hard for you, I know that you want me to "use" my MBA and go climb the corporate ladder somewhere, and I know that you want me to lead a life of luxury and wealth.

But please know that you raised me well - even though you may not have known it, you raised your daughter to be brave and adventurous and curious. So much so that I went to buy my own day spa business, and despite the (temporary) financial hardship it has caused me, I have learned so much and enjoy it so much. I have a business that lets me learn about natural health, I have learned to be humble where I was once arrogant, and I have met people from all walks of life and broadened my horizons. Most importantly, I am in service to others...what higher purpose can there be than serving others?

Anyway, thank you for being a caring father. I wish you a wonderful day, and remember just to enjoy the life you've created for yourself. You deserve it! (And don't be too mad about Mom having the trees cut down along the side of the's your day to relax and be happy). Happy birthday, Daddy!

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