Sunday, September 9, 2007

LOL, Can't Get Into My Own Spa For a Massage!

Honestly, you'd think owning a spa would mean you could get in for a massage at your own place. Plus, I really need one, given that my right butt cheek has been hurting me for days (don't ask...I have no idea why).

So I booked myself and my hubby simultaneous massages today, Sunday, at 2:40pm. Mine was with Daniela, our uber-massage therapist, Ph.D., Neuromuscular Therapist, Medical Exercise Specialist, and all-around stud. She does the Advanced Massages at Pavia, and has for the last 3 years. And whaddaya know, I get a call from my Sunday spa coordinator today that I've been bumped. LOL! Well, at least my hubby still got one. Oh well, can't be helped, customers must come first. C'est la vie!

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