Sunday, September 2, 2007


I am one of the few spa owners around with no training in esthetics, massage, or nails. The only services I am capable of doing at my own spa are 1. Aromatherapy Consultations & Blends, 2. Tarot Readings, and 3. Make-up Lessons. I am pretty good at all of these, but they are admittedly outside the purview of most day spa-goers. Needless to say, not that many clients have services with MOI.

So, I decided to make myself a bit more useful and train myself in giving salt glows. I went through a training with a staff member of mine, and then decided to take the plunge and GIVE the service myself. My spa coordinator, Julia, became my guinea pig for my inaugural "Forbidden Fruit" glow, and away we went. LONG STORY SHORT: it's so much harder than I thought!! Yikes! My waist and lower back were hurting, and midway through the service, I was panting like I had run a marathon.

At the end of the treatment, I was looking like a drowned rat, sweating, and breathless. And I realized I had made a couple mistakes: I forgot to scrub her abdomen, and I forgot to put the protective eye towel back on, so she suffered through the heat lamps through the entire Vichy Shower section. DOH! Bad Mare, bad Mare...

Well, each night since then, I have gone to bed visualizing how I'm going to perform my next glow. Yes, I have been mentally PLANNING them, like any star athlete, seeing myself scrubbing, rubbing, draping, showering, and toweling off the client in my mind's eye. It was so physical, and SUCH good exercise, that I think I am going to aim to do one per day as part of my fitness regimen! LOL!

PS - Has this made me more sympathetic to my staff, who often tell me that they're tired and overworked? Okay...I'll admit it...yes. But at the end of the day, it's still a business, and they make more for performing more there.

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TitansFan said...

The Vichy Massage Table is my wife's favorite treatment at the spa. She wants me to help finance one at the NEW spa she's going to work.